Hi from Nhi Ton


I am a contemporary jewelry designer based in Seoul, South Korea. 

I studied product design and also was trained as a silversmith in the US. To me jewelry design and product design share a very similar process as well as design thinking. They are different channels for me to create and express my voice.

I constantly develop myself as a jeweller and designer working in my own studio, exploring new techniques and experimenting various concepts. Sometimes I make arts, sometimes I make designs. Everything is well blended and I don't think I need to seperate them. 


I make minimal daily wear jewelries which you can find on the shop, or order on commission. Also, I have endless love for making one of a kind pieces where can freely create. 

Some of my designs are unique and stand by themselves. Some grow as a family as a series throughout my design career. A series is endless. There are often times I work with multiples ideas at once, or I am more inspired by one idea than others. It is an on going process and new design will be added where the energy and intention flows. 


2017 –2019   Master of Design, Product design   

                    The University of the Arts, USA 

2014–2017   A.F.A., Graphic Design GPA 

                     Delaware Country Community College, USA

2010-2012.   B.S., Business Administration

                     Duy Tan University, Viet Nam

2008–2012    B.A., English for Business

                     Da Nang University, Viet Nam


Lift off Philadelphia, USA, 2019

Art Unleashed, Philadelphia, USA, 2019

Wanted Design, New York, USA, 2018

 A.F.A. Graduation Exhibition, Philadelphia, USA, 2016

 A.F.A. Foundation Exhibition, Philadelphia, USA, 2015